Struggling with Facebook ads?
If you’re running them – then you do, probably.
But if you found yourself reading this documentation – then you do, Period.

As Facebook ad accounts are becoming less stable each day,
The need for multiple accounts is knocking on everyone’s door.

WHO’s 2021 statement: “This popup is responsible for 28.3% of heart attack incidents in the world.”

But although having multiple facebook ad accounts keeps marketing operations safer – it is almost impossible to run efficient campaigns without spending the majority of the time on these unproductive activities:

However, while it may be safer to have multiple ad accounts – media buyers claim that it is almost impossible to run efficient campaigns now. “Most of my time is wasted on these never-ending unproductive activities!” they say.

You are probably familiar with the same activities, but in case you forgot – then get a brief reminder:

Additionally to these, there is an expensive infrastructure here:

“Go for Facebook ads they said, it will be fun they said…”

But the saddest thing here is this:
After all that hard work, many of these accounts would get banned anyway.

In this overview, you are going to discover the most covering solution that exists in the market: our FBAS.

What is FBAS?

FBAS is a shortcut for Facebook Blackhat At Scale.

Actually, it is an end-to-end solution that would cut down up to 97% of the time you waste & the mental frustration that you get.

The concept of FBAS is to concentrate all the operations you need under one dashboard – and automate for you every possible action that you would otherwise perform manually.

Mass Campaign Builder

Instead of structuring the same campaign inside each account’s ad manager again and again, here you can launch a ‘campaigns bundle’ to a list of selected ad accounts with only one click.

Build your Bundle

Launch your Bundle

Multiple Accounts

In regards to the Facebook accounts supply – you have 2 options:

  1. Buy our in-house farmed ad accounts (within 2 clicks), which would migrate into the ‘bundle campaigns’ launcher automatically.
  2. Import accounts that you already have and migrate them to the system with login credentials and/or cookies info.

Add your Account

Celebrate the 1 – 5 hours of work you have saved

Global Statistics

Our built-in tracking system lets you analyze & optimize your campaigns data from one dashboard.
Here you can easily filter out and choose the accounts you look for – and aggregate their data into one table.

Select Accounts to aggregate their ads & stats only

Analyze your data for conclusions & optimization


Your social account got restricted? – Click on the ‘Appeal’ icon, and our system would try to reinstate the account from any type of restriction – with the most sophisticated and up-to-date methods in the market, including the publicly known ones and the more secret ones that are kept only within the closed groups of the top super-affiliates.
The same process applies to ad account and page restrictions. One click – and we’ll do our best to get you covered.

Tip: Accounts that has been restricted for ID confirmation and got reinstated – have greater trust.

Multilevel Cloaking

In case that your landing pages are too exotic for Facebook, we can drive their crawlers and moderators to a white page – while your traffic will get redirected to your exotic landing page.

Auto White Page Generator

You don’t have a white page to show to the moderators?
Our system will generate and deploy a fully complying page by your command.
You just need to provide the keyword(s)!